Exploration, New Routes and Rock Climbing Courses

Sea Cliff Climbing in Pembrokeshire

The weather of late has been pretty unreliable with the forecast changing rapidly, making for lots of guide book checking for plan A, B, C, etc. But that's not stopped the "send train" steaming across the sea cliffs around the county. There's been a good mix of work and play, with the play including new and established routes with Tom Rogers, Chris Horobin from www.wildcountryconsultants.co.uk, Paul Donnithorne and Jemma Berry. There's been a lot of exploration of areas I've not been to before, which continues to be one of the things I most love about rock climbing. 

On a work front, there's been a good mix, with family groups, guiding and skills courses. Thanks for everyone that has booked onto courses. Especially those that were still up for an adventure when the weather was less than perfect! 

Here's some shots from the last couple of weeks.