Pembroke Sea Cliff Climbing

Pembroke Sea Cliff Climbing

A Day's Guided Sea Cliff Climbing  

Today was spent in the company of Steve, a climber of 30yrs and one that is keen on mileage and adventure - we soon were getting along like a house on fire. The weather was a bit rainy and wet to start, so with wild seas below we pick our way from Stennis Arete into Maelstrom Chimney and back into the upper section on Stennins Arete in four pitches. Soon the sun came out and the rest of the day was spent climbing Hercules, Manzoku and the poorly named Nightmare in two pitches. Thanks for the laughs Steve! 

2015 - A Year on the Sea Cliffs of Pembroke

Sea Cliff Climbing in Pembroke

Well it's a little late but either way, here's the last year's sea cliff climbing adventures summed up in the obligatory photo slide show to music! It's been a great year of work and play and a big thank you goes out to all the clients and friends I made it out with in 2015. Really looking forward to another great season to come, but before thoughts really forces on sunny climbing here in Pembs, a six week winter adventure in Scotland awaits.... 


Pembroke Sea Cliff Climbing Adventures.

Range East and back to Disco Buttress

Good day out yesterday with Chris and Choire in Range East. The sea was wild, so staying away from it's watery grip was a major concern. This was mainly successful, barring one minor wetting. After rethinking our original objective we settled for Galactic Co-ordinater, a lovely two pitch route on the Triple Overhang Buttress. That done we took an airy abseil into the left side of Blockhouse Buttress to get funky on the two pitch route Startruck, and what a voyage into the land of  the up side down that was... Great fun with two cheeky chappies. Today it was time to get Choire and Chris's VIP tickets to the newly opened Disco Buttress.  Chris got his wiggle on by jumping on Disco Tech. Choire took at flyer off Disco Leg, and after a short rest got back on and topped it out - nice one Choire! To finish off, we headed over to west side of Disco Buttress and threw a rope down on a meaty looking line through a large roof and slash crack above. After a quick top rope try, I led it to give a two star E2 5b named Panic at the Disco. Wish I'd saved it for the onsite! Great couple of days guys.

More Climbing at Disco Buttress

On Wednesday I met up with Dave and Robyn at Mother Carey's Kitchen car park. After a morning's top rope practise on King of the Disco, the weather closed in and we made retreat to Alun's house for warm cups of tea. The following day was forecast to rain all day, so plans turned to a fun day at Oakwood Theme Park. The day following was delightful, and progress was made on KOTD and another route to it's left. Alun even came out to put up a new route to the right of Disco Leg. Nice one guys!