Pembrokeshire adventure

Busy Bee

I sat on our lawn, small and due a trim, in a green carpet of grass and clover, enjoying the evening weather. Gethin was in bed, asleep. Corinne was out enjoying her Saturday evening in Narberth with a friend and I was Chief Guard. 

The recent few weeks have been pretty full on with work and it was nice to relax for a couple of days. Sat on that lovely long grass i was fortunate enough (over a beer) to watch a bumble bee visiting different flowers around me. It looked like harder work to me. 

Here’s some shots of recent action. 

Pembrokeshire Sea Cliff Climbing

Guided and Group Climbing Adventures 

It's been another busy few days working on the sea cliffs. Firstly I had the company of Dave and Ella up in North Pembrokeshire, where we visited a less frequented area and had an idilic crag to our selves! The following day I met up with Pulkit, Ankur and Zeck down in South Pembroke, where we all got busy building anchors, and I demonstrated how to equalise multi point anchors to set up top ropes. Four ropes set up we headed down to the crag to get on with the climbing. After we had climbed out our first crag, we strolled over to Saddle Head and made a ropes scramble down the ridge and down to the crag. We climbed the fantastic Flake Quake to finish. Nice one guys, top day!