Pembroke Sea Cliff Climbs

A Summer Climbing on the Sea Cliffs

Sea Cliff climbing in Pembroke and Beyond. 

Alas, this is the first blog I've done since June - so terribly sorry for leaving you all hanging like that... 

The season is slowing down for me now and I'm getting some time to catch up with general life admin and heading out for some new recce missions. It's been a great summer of work and play on the sea cliffs, guiding, running courses and meeting some very cool people along the way. Thanks to everyone that I've shared a rope with this season and I hope to bump into you on the crag in the future! Here's a random selection of photos since the last blog - with a sneaky trip to N/W Scotland in June thrown in too. Time for winter sea cliff projects!  

Sunny Sea Cliffs Beckon

I’ve really been getting into Instagram lately - if you haven't realised already. Do you like Instagram?? 

Here’s some kickass shots from a month of work and play on the mountains of Scotland. Pretty wild weather for the most.  Looking forward to a season of sunny sea cliff climbing now. Come play with me :) 

Boldly Into 2017!...

Pembroke Sea Cliff Climbing 

Happy new year! Here’s a few shots from December’s work and play on the crags. Pretty good weather for mid winter really... Just hope Scotland comes into condition for when I head up to the hills at the end of Jan.  #WinterSufferingFun