Work and Play - A Busy Few Days

At the end of last week I was out in the St. David's area with Allan, an experienced rock climber with over 40 years climbing experience. He was down in Pembrokeshire on holiday with his wife and was basically after a belayer who could also drop in some local knowledge so he could get leading some cool routes. After a very quick check that his skills were sound, it was over to him and I enjoyed a day of belaying and seconding brilliant routes :-) 

Over the weekend I was running an Introduction to Sea Cliff Climbing course for the BMC. This had three people on it: John, Malcolm and Rachael, who were all super keen to develop existing skills to feel happier pushing their limits in exciting places as well as being confident to take less experienced climbers out themselves. We covered lots of important skills and even got to climb some great routes too - Nice! 

On the Saturday evening, after work I also met up with Edmund and climbed a route that had been on my tick list for far too long - Lucky Strike at Rusty Walls. What a great route! If you've not done it yet, don't delay, do it today!!