Rock Climbing Problem Solving and Improvised Rescue Courses on the Pembrokeshire Sea Cliffs


These courses are for experienced outdoor climbers who already lead traditional rock climbs. The aim of the course is to introduce skills that will enable climbers to overcome problems and incidents that can occur while climbing on committing sea cliffs or multi-pitch rock climbs. The Improvised Rescue course is also a great way for lead climbers to feel confident to look after less experienced seconds, should they need help. 

Courses will run for between two to five days, depending on how much you'd like to cover and the amount of practise time you’d like. All private bookings are tailored to suit your group. Attending with your climbing partner(s) allows you to develop your skills together so you can take your climbing further.

Topics that can be covered: 

  • Problem Avoidance 
  • Various Anchor Set-ups for Different Purposes
  • Prussicing Up and Down Fixed Lines
  • Abseiling and Lowering Someone Past a Knot 
  • Assisted and Unassisted Hoists
  • Escaping the System, Anchors Within/Out of Reach
  • Counterbalanced Abseils
  • Casualty Care
  • Rescues on a Traverse

Climb Pembroke is proud to be a regular provider of Self Rescue Courses for the British Mountaineering Council.


Full day (9:30am - 5:00pm)

Courses between 2 - 5 days in length

1 person   -  £150 per day

Group of 2 - £90 per person per day

Group of 3 - £70 per person per day

Group of 4-6  - £60 per person per day