Winter climbing, skills instruction and guiding in Scotland, Snowdonia and The Lake District

After the summer rock climbing season finishes in late autumn, my attention turns to snowy mountains. I normally head up to Scotland for a month or so in February for Scottish winter climbing adventures. I am also available for “quick hits” in Snowdonia, as well as The Lake District - on route to Scotland if conditions are favourable. 

Climbing a large frozen mountain via a classic ice or mixed route is one of the most rewarding experiences within climbing and mountaineering. It requires a good level of fitness, long days, the right clothing to keep you warm and comfortable, determination and good judgement. wether swinging axes into steep ice, or making tricky pulls on axes torqued into cracks on rimed up cracks, there is no better feeling than topping out after a good honest battle. Scotland exudes adventure and I’ve been drawn back year after year to explore further and tick those historic routes that have fallen into folk law. With a lifetime’s worth of quality routes still to go at, “all roads lead to Scotland” for me each winter. 

Guided Winter Climbing

This is about going out with the intention of using ropes to safeguard ourselves while climbing. We will aim to climb the best routes given the prevailing conditions, on graded climbs to suit your experience and aspirations. There are no bolts in the mountains, so all climbs are performed with leader placed protection (trad climbing). You will be taught skills relating to your experience along the way and part of my goal is to progress your personal winter knowledge to make you a more able, confident winter climber and mountaineer. 


Winter Mountaineering 

Wether it’s capturing that elusive winter Munro, winterising existing summer mountaineering skills, learning about avalanche risk and safe travel planning, or you are looking for a guide to lead your party safely in the winter mountains, I can design courses to suit. Winter mountaineering is all about understanding the environment you are traveling in and developing the skills and knowledge to make sound decisions and judgements before setting off and while on the ground. Other than practising with ropes for emergency use - lowering someone over the top of a steep gully, bringing someone up to you over a tricky section, winter mountaineering is generally viewed as travel in the mountains without the intention of using a rope on your planned route.



Winter Climbing Course Pricing 

1  person for 1 day   £180  - 2 people £220 

1  person for 2 days £350 - 2 people £400  

1  person for 3 days £500 - 2 people £550

1  person for 4 days £640 - 2 people £680 

Winter Skills Course Pricing

1-2 people for 2 days £300   (3 people £350)    (4 people £400)     (5 people £450)

1-2 people for 3 days £450   (3 people £500)    (4 people £550)     (5 people £600)

1-2 people for 4 days £600   (3 people £650)     (4 people £700)     (5 people £750)


Crampons available for hire at £10 per person per day

Ice axes available for hire at £10 per person per day