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We want you to see what we've been up to here at Climb Pembroke, and get a taste of who we are and what to expect if you come Sea Cliff Climbing with us here in Pembrokeshire on one of our Rock Climbing Courses or Family Rock Climbing days out

War Games.

Pembroke Sea Cliff Climbing 

So it's been Easter here in Pembrokeshire as well and that marks the traditional time for Pembroke climbers to renew their Range West annual pass, and attend a 45 minute briefing at the Castle Martin MOD camp. The usual warning about not touching anything, "It may explode and kill you". and we were off, into the Range. Me and Edmund had decided to travel far along the gravel track, out towards Linney Head in the distance. A northerly wind was fighting it's way around us and out to sea as we marched along. Grey clouds brought colder dizzily conditions, the hat, gloves and hood came out. 

Iron Age Fort crag was in mean condition, wild, windy, wet and cold for the main, but it did give some good routes, all steeper than they look!