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We want you to see what we've been up to here at Climb Pembroke, and get a taste of who we are and what to expect if you come Sea Cliff Climbing with us here in Pembrokeshire on one of our Rock Climbing Courses or Family Rock Climbing days out

Climbing Adventures on the Pembrokeshire Coast

Pembroke Sea Cliff Rock Climbing 

Yesterday I was back out with Edmund. The forecast wasn't great, with rain in the morning and strong winds all day, high tide was just after mid day as well so we looked for non tidal crags that neither had climbed on before. When I suggested Mosaic Wall Ed seemed keen. I'd checked this wall out before and it's a beauty! There's not much for climbers operating below E3 but it's one of the "prettiest" walls in Pembrokeshire, full of unusual colours and riddled with cracks and protection opportunities. Edmund geared up and set off on the very steep start of a Paul Donnithorne route named Mural Landscape. After pulling through the initial roof, a breeze block sized rock decided to depart from the cliff with Ed attached. Ed came to a stop dangling above my head on the rope, the rock bounced onto one of the flake piled ropes and shattered into bits. Edmund was fine, the rope was less fortunate. On closer inspection the rope had sustained four separate life threatening injuries. It was clear that the rope wasn't in a good way. Isolating the lacerations, I gently coiled our old friend and laid it out on the ground. With our meterage of life line reduced by 50% and Ed already geared up, we headed over the short distance to Crystal Slabs. Edmund had one route that he hadn't done there before: The First Waltz - which turned out to be fairly bold, with questionable rock. Feeling a little uninspired and with time pushing on, I opted for an explore of various crags for future days on the way back to the car and home early to play with Gethin. The rope didn't make it. RIP old friend...