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We want you to see what we've been up to here at Climb Pembroke, and get a taste of who we are and what to expect if you come Sea Cliff Climbing with us here in Pembrokeshire on one of our Rock Climbing Courses or Family Rock Climbing days out

Back exploring in Pembrokeshire

Well, I certainly felt a wee bit tired from the Scottish winter trip, but with Corinne and Gethin still at her folk's, I had a day free yesterday. I called Ed and as luck would have it, he was available and keen to get out. 

I had seen an area of sea cliffs last summer when doing some sea kayaking work, had taken some photos and was up for going to check it out. Armed with a 50m and 60m static rope and all the usual climbing paraphernalia, we walked into our "Crag X" and set about finding the top of the lines. We made a couple of abseils into look at areas, armed with cleaning gear, but was uninspired by the lack of protection. We searched around potential other areas and routes, but finding belays at the tops was hard work and ate into our time. After many dead ends, I committed to abseiling into a large, steep slab which looked like it may offer something. Ed followed and we found our selves on a tidal shelf with a fluctuating sea not far below (I was glad we still had the abseil rope in place). I asked Ed for the quick draws, to which he replied " I thought you had them..." I tried a line I thought would go but after a slippery start, fear got the better of me and I jugged up the ab' rope. Ed seconded, and it was funny to watch him do battle with the highly lichenous top section and a rock-over onto grass! Good effort Ed!