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The Wye Valley's Greatest Boulder Problem?

Rock Climbing, Filming and Bouldering

It was an early start on Friday morning from Pembrokeshire in Edmund's car, through the rain and the dark, leading to the joys of the M4 motorway east bound. As light overtook darkness, cars ground down to a near stationary pace. We were on route to meet up with Jerry - king of the flying video camera, at Shorncliff in the Wye Valley, for our second filming session there. We sat in the car critiquing the Radio One play list with the compassion of Master Chef judges. The traffic jam was becoming tiresome so childish humour began to punch it's way through the monotony (mainly from myself) as I turned into the worlds best photographer and directed Ed' with the flamboyance of the French to give me his best "sad face" while driving stuck in the queue. This took some time and directing on my part and multiple attempts to capture the shot I was after. When the "World's best photographer" had captured the perfect image, I quickly posted my work onto Instagram - I'm becoming quite the social media marketing whiz kid nowadays... 

The traffic jam from hell eventually gave up it's hellish grip around the picturesque town of Port Talbot and we were back up to a favourable speed. After a quick text to Jerry saying we would  most certainly be running late, we ploughed on with our journey to Chepstow and the  wonderful Wye Valley. 

We arrived at the Forestry Commission gate that bars access to the vehicle worthy tack that leads (two and a half miles) to our crag, and joyously pushed it aside - as Jerry had again sought permission from the powers that be, and the gate was left unlocked in anticipation of our arrival. We sped down the track with the vigour of a rally driver to our destination. 

Meeting up with the usual cheery Jerry of the Iron Fly Squadron, we carted the equipment up the bouldery path up to the Great Central Cave Area and set about getting things sorted. Our first route to be filmed was the classic The Bitter Battle Tears "A Wye Valley classic" - and justifiably so... This route done, Ed' had his attentions diverted by a boulder problem that he had eyed up on our last visit - a traverse of the steep leaning wall of The Great Central Cave. As Jerry was embroiled with his technical stuff, Ed seized the chance to practise some of the moves until he felt he had it dialled. Me, being the "World's Best Photographer" set up my point and shoot camera on video mode and gave him a spot. Ed', being the Super Wad that he is, dispatched his problem with seeming ease. A contender for Shorncliff's best boulder problem was sent (unless claimed by persons before unknown) "Iron Fly" goes at V5 and worth a star of two for sure. 

We then payed professional attention to climbing No Musketeers (the third of the classic HVS's on the wall) and got that job done in the dying golden light. Ed' be Ed' again seized the chance of a final route as Jerry was mapping the crag and climbed Ironside's Man as the temperature dropped.

Not a bad working day...