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We want you to see what we've been up to here at Climb Pembroke, and get a taste of who we are and what to expect if you come Sea Cliff Climbing with us here in Pembrokeshire on one of our Rock Climbing Courses or Family Rock Climbing days out

Rock 2 - Climbers nil

My old buddy Dave Talbotty turned up on Sunday evening. We had a few ciders and I showed him photos of a crag with the line of Slasher. I regaled stories from the other day with Carwyn, and It didn't take long to get him fired up about crushing it together tomorrow,  and getting the first free ascent. We turned up, threw the abseil rope down and belayed at the niche 6m up Fruit Beaver. I took two rests on the second pitch (which I still felt was energy sapping) but I managed to lead the 3rd and 4th pitchs clean that time. Dave had found the route pretty "out there" and said after that he was totally gripped, the whole way along it! He also had unfinished business, with the first pitch where he had taken a short rest on gear. After a couple more ciders that evening we decided we really should go back the following morning. We got very excited and had some more cider.

We returned to the crag in the morning for another try. I felt pretty rough. Dave set off on the first pitch and got to the belay, I followed. We re-racked and I set off on the 25m main pitch. everything went really well, until the last hard move, where my arms gave up and I was sat in the rope. Gutted. I got back on and climbed on to the belay. I led the next pitch (clean again) and then Dave led us out on the final pitch.   

I have really enjoyed getting to know this bit of rock. I felt pretty intimidated when I first went to look at it, but now it's beginning to feel like an old friend. Will be back soon!