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We want you to see what we've been up to here at Climb Pembroke, and get a taste of who we are and what to expect if you come Sea Cliff Climbing with us here in Pembrokeshire on one of our Rock Climbing Courses or Family Rock Climbing days out

We've arrived!

We have arrived in Pembrokeshire! Moving house is said to be one of the three most stressful things you can do in life but this one's not gone too bad. Most of our stuff went a couple of days previously with the aid of my mate Phil and a huge Sicilian called Massimo (a friend of a friend) that owns a beaten up old Mercedes Sprinter van. Off along the M4 west most of our clobber speed. A couple of minor things got broken but they managed to be laughed off...

The move went pretty smoothly. There was only one time when I thought I was in melt down mode, and that only lasted an hour or so. Moving the contents of a house after you've lived there a while is always harder than you think - "Where's that allen key?", "No, that one", "Have you seen the...?"

After numerous trips out to scavenge empty cardboard boxes from the Sweetmart, and to Golzars Fancy Goods for parcel tape, me, Corinne and Gethin closed the front door on our home of five years in Easton, Bristol and drove off to start a new chapter.

Our new home is amazing. We live in Neyland on the shore of the Cleddau Estuary, the house faces south and we get a fantastic view. We have a garden now, with a tired looking shed and green house but it's a lot more than we had before.

I think it's going to be a great place for our family to grow, we are very lucky.

Gethin liking the new pad. 

Gethin liking the new pad.